Private Piano Lessons for kids

Give your child the gift of music by signing them up for weekly piano lessons! Each week they will receive customized one-on-one instruction tailored to their individual needs and interests. Instructors are experienced, caring and passionate about helping kids succeed in learning how to play the piano.

Benefits Of Piano Lessons

Learning to play the piano not only teaches kids the fundamentals of music. Students learn important life skills that stay with them as they grow older such as creativity, discipline, listening skills and problem solving. Learning to play music also has many proven cognitive benefits as students are constantly overcoming different types of challenges, learning how to work smarter and expressing themselves through music.

Information About lessons at North Shore Piano Studio

Piano lessons are offered to students age 6* and up in either 30 or 60 minute lessons at an appointed time every week Tuesday through Saturday. Students are expected to practice regularly at home on a piano or keyboard in order to increase their skills at a steady pace. Recitals are in December and June. Parents are welcome to either observe lessons or wait outside the studio in the seating area.


(4) 30 Minute Private Lessons a Month $160/Month

(4) 60 Minute Private Lessons a Month $280/month

*The studio will teach students as young as 3 years old if a child shows strong musical ability and is able to follow instruction at a trial lesson.