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North Shore Piano Studio offers piano lessons to students of all ages. Students learn everything they need to know in order to play any type of music. The best part of learning how to play piano is showing your friends and family all the wonderful songs you have learned!


"Brad is a friendly, enthusiastic piano teacher and talented musician. I wish I had someone as awesome as him to nurture my love for music at a young age. It is never too late to pick up an instrument. He is great with people of all ages and makes learning fun. I highly recommend him."                                                                                                                                                             -Kimmie J.       


My name is Brad Alderman and I founded the North Shore Piano Studio to create an inspiring educational environment for kids and adults of all ages who want to improve their piano skills. Our experienced teachers are able to help students learn to play any style of music including classical, jazz or contemporary music. Students love coming every week to their one-on-one lesson and learning on our beautiful full-size grand piano.

"Brad is such a great guy. Hands down one of the best piano teachers around! Boston is lucky to have him. Highly recommended!" -Joseph F.

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The North Shore Piano Studio is a welcoming open room studio located in Lynn, Massachusetts inside the historic Lydia Pinkham building on Western Ave near the Swampscott border. The building used to be a large factory in the 1800s and has now been converted into studios for many creative artists and small businesses.

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