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The North Shore Piano Studio Approach

At North Shore Piano Studio students are taught all aspects of music, including reading, rhythm, technique and music theory. Students are encouraged to practice daily so that steady progress is made. Students may choose to focus on a particular genre of music, or try a variety of styles, in order to discover what they enjoy playing the most. Each week the student is assigned a list of tasks to practice that typically include:

  • A task to develop proper technique and hand position

  • Improving the ability to read, identify patterns and prepare songs to be ready to be performed

  • Developing knowledge of music theory including scales, chords and how chord progressions work

  • Strengthening a sense of rhythm which includes keeping a steady beat and playing with rhythmic precision

In addition to a comprehensive musical foundation, students also have the opportunity to further explore the following subjects:

  • How to improvise in a jazz, blues, or rock/pop style

  • How to compose original music

  • Ear training which is developing the ability to recognize and learn music by only hearing it

  • How to play and sing at the same time

  • Advanced pop and jazz chords

  • Advanced classical piano repertoire

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About Brad Alderman

I’ve had an interest in piano as long as I can remember. Listening to my grandmother and mother effortlessly play old ragtime and hymns on our old baby grand instilled my desire to learn to play the instrument. Starting lessons at age 7, I was certainly was no child prodigy; I never practiced and found it very challenging to play the way I heard my mom play. By the age of 10 I did what many kids do when things don’t come easily, I gave up and quit. Luckily a few years later my father still recognized my love of music and offered to sign me up with a jazz piano teacher. Those next years of lessons taught me that music is much more than playing the notes on the paper, music is about expression of what we see and what we feel. I continued studying jazz and eventually classical piano until I enrolled at Berklee College of Music in 2002.


I began teaching piano lessons while pursuing a degree in Piano Performance at Berklee. After college I joined the piano faculty at the Bosse School of Music in 2007 and then later started the "Rock Band For Kids" program at Medfield Makes Music in 2010. Around that time I also pursued an opportunity as some talented college friends and I formed our own rock band named Gentlemen Hall with myself playing piano, synthesizers and composing with the group. We quickly gained success in the Boston area winning an MTV Music Award, three Boston Music Awards and were voted Boston's Best Band in 2012. Our music was played at Fenway Park and featured on television shows and commercials for brands such as Target, Samsung and Microsoft. In 2014 I took a break from teaching as we changed our name and signed a record deal with Universal Records. We went on to record four albums resulting in over 10 million streams online as well as performing our music in concerts all over the country. Then in 2016 we decided to move on to other projects and I returned to teaching piano and joined the faculty at the Music Maker School in Acton, Massachusetts.

On the cover of the Boston Phoenix after being voted Boston's Best Band in 2012

On the cover of the Boston Phoenix after being voted Boston's Best Band in 2012

In early 2018 I opened the North Shore Piano Studio at the Lydia Pinkham building in Lynn, Massachusetts in order to create an inspiring, friendly environment to teach students. Drawing on the many wonderful teachers I had over the years, I try to connect with each student and encourage them to keep improving, practicing and having fun playing music.